Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Big Crunch

Continuing The Saga of "Forces of The Universe", a series of short fictions stories of my life on the road to adulthood, and all the bumps in between

“You always do this, every time we really need to focus you just choke!” Jim raised his voice to Nicole

“Oh, please! Don’t you start with me young man, I will choke you right here!” Nicole raised her’s right back

“Oh, wouldn't that be a nice change if you did something I wanted for once!”

“That wasn’t what I met, and that fetish is just...weird!”

“Erotic Asphxiation is a very common sexual desire! And I only want to do it with you because I love you!”

“No, it’s because it’s the only thing you couldn’t get your kinky ex-girlfriend to do to you!”

“It was not the only thing!”

“Are you BRAGGING?”

“Maybe...Maybe I am” Jim said, the wavering confidence in his voice obvious

“You want to know what I did with my ex boyfriend? Hmm?”


“I let him.” Nicole said, with growing certainty

“You let him what?”

“You know exactly what I mean! And I kind of liked it too”

“You liar! You said you would never do that!”

“I said I would never do it with YOU!”

“Why not me?”

“Because I loved you!” At this point the emotion in Nicole’s voice had overtaken the strength and control she normally had. She lowered her head, her auburn hair with dyed red streaks covering the tears that lined her pale face, as it began to flush red.

“Loved?” Jim said, well aware of the past tense in Nicole’s comment. Jim was a tall and handsome man, but the fight with Nicole had made him seem frail. His lanky limbs dangled at his side, his normally spiked red hair seemed to be the start of a fire that was engulfing him to his soul. They we’re as two suns, being pulled towards each other despite the obvious ending of their pending collision.

“Loved.” Nicole said, her sun spotted face growing more red as outbursts of sobs echoed from her.

“Are you breaking up with me?” Jim said, red with rage, humiliation and unfathomable sorrow.

Nicole nodded, and The Universe collapsed on itself

To Be Continued in "The Big Bang"

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