Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Then I Woke Up (Forces of The Universe Part 5)

Then I Woke Up

My head was throbbing, and as the stars started to dissipate i realized that i tasted blood in my mouth. I looked above me and towering over me was...

“Mark, stop it!” Kaitlyn shouted, holding her scorned lover back from doing me any further damage.

“You son of a bitch!” Mark broke and lunged for me, but at this point my friend the bouncer made his presence known. Dave was born to be a bouncer, he was built like a brick house and as Mark swung towards me as I tried to stand Dave grabbed his hand and crushed it as hard as he could

“Your going to be leaving now.” Dave said to Mark, who moaned in pain signifying his agreement

Mark stumbled out of the bar, cursing my name all along the way and tossing over bar stools to further emphasise his already clear point: he was not my biggest fan

“You allright?” Dave asked me, and truth be told I wasn’t entirely sure myself. Then Kaitlyn put her arm around me and helped me steady myself

“I think...” I looked into Kaitlyn’s eyes “I think I’m going to be allright”

"You might be, but your buddies a wreck." Dave pointed outside, where I saw Jim sitting alone

"I'll go talk to him" Kaitlyn said, moving to the door, I nodded and moved towards Nicole. I was about to speak to her when Cat, the DJ called her up to sing

"Up next is Nicole singing a little Melissa Etheridge!" Cat said over the microphone, and Nicole slowly walked her way up to the mic. The music played at Nicole just swayed a little to it, before finally walking out the back exit of the bar. I moved after her but for some reason Cat stopped me

“Let her go.” Cat told me

“Why?” I was confused

“Because Jim is out there waiting for her” Cat pointed and I saw Nicole and Jim in a deep conversation, seeming to reconcile. I saw things starting to smooth over and realized i had my only problems to attend to, I turned to look for Kaitlyn but she was gone.

“Who are you looking for?’ Cat asked me, her soft hand’s touching my shoulder. I’d always found Cat attractive, but I never thought she as into me. Now that i have her thoughts on me I guess I can compare what we thought of each other...

I always found Kevin attractive, but only after two drinks. I’m sort of the opposite of a two beer queer, I turn straight once I’ve had two drinks

Cat had short hair, glasses and seemed to be more interested in the women at the bar than me, which is probably what made her so attractive to me. She was elusive, the one woman that despite being there every week I could never manage a second glance from here. Except for that one night

Kevin had short hair, glasses and seemed to be more interested in the other women in the bar than me, which is probably what made him so attractive to me. He was the regular I had who despite my attempts at flirtation, never seemed to want to engage in more than simple chit chat. Except for that one night

to be Continued in "That One Night"

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