Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Parallel Universe?

The Big Bang *continued*

Not sure why I did ask Mark that, maybe he was just forwarded in the email. Anyways, I asked a lot more people what they thought of me, and I got some very interesting, heartwarming and heartbreaking answers. We’ll get to the others responses when you meet them

“Kevin, I can’t leave Mark, I’m sorry but I just can’t” Kaitlyn said, and unfortunately for me she wouldn't have to.

She took her hand off my thigh and as she turned to go, but before her hand got far I grabbed it and spun her into me. Colliding in a kiss I felt an explosion of feelings rush over me, Ecstasy pouring out of every inch of my body. After a long passionate kiss we separated and then i felt a great surge of much more intense feeling, and then I saw stars, and then I hit the floor.

Parallel Universe?

I’m sure there is some world where the two possible outcomes to the evening i pictured could be mutually exclusive, but in this universe only one of them could play out fully.

I stumbled out of the club in a mix of confusion and bliss, till I saw something that made my stomach cringe. Jim sitting on the sidewalk alone, sobbing uncontrollably. The rain had drenched him to the core, but he sat feet in a storm drain seemingly trying to let his body get sucked down the gutter.

“Dude, what the hell are you doing?” I asked

“I’m waiting for the Ninja Turtles to show up” Jim replied


“Donatello, Raphael, Michalengo and Leonardo, come on man you know this! I just saw Splinter scurry by so the rest of the gang has to be on the way!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I said, a moment before i noticed the “Splinter” that Jim was referring to, and incredibly large rat that was indeed scurrying about the drain near Jim. Splinter seemed uninterested in finding a team of young turtle proteges to change into a crime fighting team, but however did have an interest the discarded pizza boxes nearby, so Jim’s theory did have some validity

“If he’s just a rat in this world than so am I...” Jim finally said, after I spent far too many moments analysing the theoretical possibility that the rat near my feet was in fact a potential trainer for a team of mutant turtles

“I don't understand”

“If he’s just a rat in this world, than so am I. If he is the rat from my childhood comic books than none of this is real, and I’m just in some horrible nightmare that I can’t seem to wake up from!”

“We’ll if it’s a dream than you must have to pee really bad” I said, indicating the rain

“Nicole broke up with Me” Jim said, holding back another one of his unbearable sobs

“Jesus...” I couldn’t think of another word, Jim and Nicole had been a couple since before I met them. They we’re the epitome of everything I wanted, the perfect couple and my two best friends, if they weren’t together my whole world was going to change, in a way i had never conceived it would have too

“Tell Me I’m dreaming man...please, just tell me I’m dreaming” Jim said, completely breaking down. I knelt down in the gutter with Jim, the water sloshing over our shoes as i put my arm around him

“I can’t tell you your dreaming Jim”

“Why?” He asked, and for a long moment i considered my answer very carefully

“Because...Because it’s not your dream”

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